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What sets MEDExpansion apart in the realm of Medical Affairs consulting is our distinctive blend of expertise in high-profile Medical Intelligence in complex environments and in the organization of vibrant networks of experts.

We build partnerships with companies on life science projects that have innovation in their DNA, in the areas where our capabilities add the most value and make all the difference:

  • Commercial and clinical development of orphan drugs
  • Projects with innovative medical applications: medtechs, devices, testing, new technologies…


Patient scarcity is a major bottleneck in commercial and clinical development:

We develop strategies that increase the efficiency of the entire process of diagnosis and identify more patients.

We facilitate access to centres of expertise in most Central & Eastern European countries.

Strategies to improve the efficiency of patient identification
High rates of misdiagnosis substantially contribute to the scarcity of well-diagnosed patients in most orphan diseases. Our pragmatic strategy investigates and locates factors that delay diagnosis throughout the patient journey in real life.
We then delineate the insight, targeted information and strategies to boost the effectiveness of field activities aimed at increasing disease awareness:

  • more patients identified overall
  • more patients identified at an earlier disease stage, likely to respond better to treatment
  • and for patients, opportunities to get more adequate supportive care, to be enrolled in clinical trials or to receive the validated treatment.

Strategies of access to centres of expertise in Central & Eastern European countries
We have extensive experience in France, Switzerland and Italy, but also in several Central & Eastern European countries. The latter offer valuable additional potential experts and patients to expand clinical trials and commercial activities. Over time we have built up wide networks and established relationships of mutual respect and trust with many key opinion leaders in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania …

  • By sharing these relationships with companies, we help them save more time and get faster access to the right experts with large enough numbers of patients, as investigator centres or for commercial expansion.

We are the medical partner of enterprising CEOs, COOs and CSOs passionate about developing their young biotech:

We perform the assignments of a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in its multi-faceted role of analyst, organizer and facilitator to lead to the success of the phase 2 clinical proof-of-concept.

The lack of proven patterns of clinical protocols is a frequent challenge in the elaboration of the proof-of-concept of a new molecule in an unexplored disease:

  • We carry out analyses of scattered information from all sources, internal and external, to get the larger picture and guide the choice of the central criteria of protocols and clinical development plans:
    • Which optimal patient profile? Which relevant endpoints and outcome measurement tools?
    • Which other studies are necessary to integrate into the longer term strategic vision?
  • We perform all the operational medical activities needed to implement the clinical trials.

Projects with innovative medical application: medtechs, devices, testing, new technologies …

We engage with inventive entrepreneurs who develop innovative concepts to provide them the high-profile medical counsel that allows them to make fully informed strategic choices for concept development.

A wide range of innovative concepts address the medical world, extending diagnosis and treatment techniques outside laboratories and medical settings: patient-friendly or extended testing, digital technologies with medical applications …

  • We share our understanding of the medical environment and our experience of clinician to guide strategic development choices by answering some critical questions:
    • Where are the needs of doctors and of patients?
    • What usages of the new technology or which disease indication will bring the highest value to doctors? To patients?
    • How should the technology be positioned in current medical practices?


“I have founded MEDExpansion because I wanted my entrepreneurial dream to come true and to share my expertise with companies for, ultimately, the benefit of patients.

The cornerstone of MEDExpansion is my close practical understanding of the entire clinical development process of medicines, from early protocol elaboration and communication to patient management, and a good deal of creative thinking.

… and I love to work with good people, who trust in the quality of ideas and in human relationships, with whom I share values and entrepreneurial spirit. My ambition is to establish close and trusting partnerships in the long term with them.”


Foremost a paediatrician with clinical practice, Dr. Alain Rinaldi has gained 360-degree experience in the pharma industry since 1991, including Alexion Europe where he has directed Medical Affairs in Europe for more than 8 years. In this position, he has been instrumental in constructing medical foundations, developing medical networks, supporting new clinical developments, and preparing commercial development in France, Switzerland, and several major Central and Eastern European countries for eculizumab (Soliris®) in complement-related diseases.




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